Belfiore has developed a new LED kit using the latest lighting technology available: Samsung LED with a colour temperature of 3000°K and more than 140 lumens of emission for every watt that is consumed; compared to previous chipsets this is equivalent to around 40% more light emission than current technology.

The colour temperature range on the MacAdam ellipse is step 3, the diodes are therefore guaranteed to have a maximum variation of +/- 70°K from one order to the next; in this way we can guarantee that future orders will always have the same colour, even if the chipset is changed or upgraded.

The typical color rating index (CRI) is 85.

The new LED kit has been designed to work with almost all of the products in the collection; it is proposed in a number of sizes/power options so it can be used on different length wall brackets. The leds are distributed evenly across the width of the products to avoid having a strong single point of illumination and therefore any glare and to create a pleasant visual impact.

The diodes are protected by an ultraclear coating that keeps them dust free and allows easy cleaning; thanks to the magnetic connection system the product is easy and quick to install or remove for maintenance.

The LED kits easily adapts to the lighting requirements of all wall lights:

– Single emission: uplight products, the code for this configuration is identified by a U in the product code

– Dual emission: up and downlight products, the code for this configuration is identified by a D in the product code

The two numbers that follow the U or D identify the combination variants and the technical specs.