Through half a century of company history with an unchanged vocation: evolution.

Belfiore was originally founded in 1968 in Nove, in the heart of Veneto. Its beginnings see the production of hand-made ceramics in an area rich in the raw materials required for ceramic manufacturing, the area itself has a long tradition in ceramics that dates back to the XVIII century; the area is also world famous for its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural interests and heritage.

In this area rich in artisans, the company demonstrates from its beginnings a vital vocation for innovation which comes to life thanks to the choice of materials, paints and colours; always new and aimed at the fulfilling of market requests and contemporary trends.

A resolute spirit that becomes stronger when, in the eighties, the company enters the lighting world. This is an evolution that was conceived without creating conflict: Belfiore manages to bring into the production of lighting fixtures the knowledge of an artisan tradition and transforms it into something completely new. The light becomes a vital part of the shapes it originates from.

The well-established experience of the model makers meets the technology of the lighting-engineering department in a dialogue full of passion which brings the resulting products to a level of design and innovation which evolves year after year.

This is the result of a constant effort to improve both the inspiration and the commitment: Belfiore is today a benchmark in the national and world markets exporting all Italian quality of products…..

..without ever stopping to evolve.